5 comments on “Motivationally deficient

  1. You are so right. We KNOW how to do this. We might even be MOTIVATED to do this, but putting it into ACTION is the hardest part. Consistency and action. Everyday. Conscious choices. Do it. :-)

  2. It’s not easy. Knowledge is one thing. Knowledge in practice is a whole different game. I find that small, specific goals help me to get it done.

  3. The most-likely outcome is obvious when you match short-term motivation vs. years of unhealthy habits.

    I firmly believe that it’s the integration of healthy habits into everyday routine that carries people beyond the initial rush of motivation. Once healthy choices become “automatic,” the odds of succeeding greatly increase.

    Kari also made a great point about smaller goals. For people whose self-esteem and identities are closely tied to achievements, new habits must include rewards so there’s a positive feedback loop.

    Looking forward to your talk at Fitbloggin’!

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